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TROTEC TTK 75 S dryer



TTK 75 S not only looks good from the outside but it is also incredibly well done inside: 

Rotary compressor with electronic defrosting ensures that the relative humidity remains low, and effectively ensures that the heated rooms in which it operates remain dry.

There are two settings that allow you to adjust the amount of air flow to further enhance the efficiency of dehumidification.

Dehumidifying is performed automatic control using the embedded controller humidity. Dehumidifier is equipped with an antibacterial filter, air and protection from spills of water, making it ideal for continuous operation without supervision in rooms and offices.

The water which is condensed during the dehumidifying air is collected in a container which can be emptied manually or can be discharged directly into the drain through the hose that can be connected to the connector at the bottom of the device.



  • Built-in humidity control for constant control of relative humidity. If the air becomes more humid than the set value, the unit turns on automatically. As soon as he reached the desired humidity, the compressor turns off automatically.
  • Container full indicator
  • Overflow protection with automatic power-off 
  • Hose for constant condensate drain
  • Built-in air filter which is easy to access and clean. Filters animal hair, feathers and dust and prevents the spread of bacteria.
  • Robust wheels and built-in carrying handle make it very convenient for transfer from one room to another.


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