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Air dehumidifier TROTEC TTK 68 E - a combination of modern technology and intelligent design. 

TTK 68 E with its green metallic appearance does not rely only on design, but also the first time point demonstrates the wide range of luxuries now available for everyone. One of the additions is a sophisticated automatic opening air wings after pressing the button. Start and close the wings during the fire in order to protect the opening of the dust.

Dehumidifier can be placed in a continuous mode using a humidistat or work sets a timer switch. Included is an additional mode for drying and automatic indication for changing filters or emptying the water tank.

Selection of the target humidity is simplified by choosing values on an innovative integrated display which is not only a beautiful design but also particularly easy to clean.

Of course, TTK 68 E comes with all the features of modern dehumidifier, eg. The protection of the overflow water tank with automatic fire fighting, compound for kondeznacijsko hose that enables continuous unattended operation, easily accessible and washable air filter, convenient handle and wheels for easy transfer of equipment from room to room.

Using the desiccant air will effectively preclude the appearance of mold and mildew in damp places such as cold bridges or in the basement.


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