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*Code of Ethics of the Electrolux Group


Electrolux Group is committed to conducting its business and pursue its Interest in ethical and legal. The Group's policy is to be a company with responsible civic engagement. Illegal behavior or actions by Electrolux or any a person connected with a group can affect the reputation for honesty and integrity of the group also, and not tolerated. Electrolux believes contributes to the excellent reputation commercial success.

Ensure compliance with this Code is the responsibility and the direction that each dependent. Employees are encouraged and expected to report any case of default of the relevant internal officers, with the assurance that these relations do not lead to retaliation or other negative consequences for persons who acted in good faith.

2.The purpose of application

This code describes the ethical standards as prescriptive and restrictive both, which must be strictly observed at all times and in every market, every employee, officer and

3.Board member of Electrolux Group

Code of Ethics formalizes the principles that guide the group in conducting its relations with employees, shareholders, business partners and other stakeholders. Electrolux encourages the adoption of these principles by its suppliers, sales agents, consultants and other business partners.

4.Legal compliance

As members of a group that has operations in more than 50 countries, the group companies

They are subject to a wide range of legal obligations. Each employee, officer and member of the

Board of Electrolux Group met in their business operations in all laws, regulations and regulations. In circumstances where national or local laws do not provide adequate guidance, the Group will apply its own policies and procedures. In cases where national or local laws conflict with the principles of this code, these laws will prevail.


5.Relations with business partners and customers

The behavior Electrolux Group will be based on fairness in every relationship with its partners. The group does not offer customers or potential customers, or any representatives of such entities, any rewards or benefits in violation of applicable laws or any reasonable business practices and generally accepted. Customers will be treated fairly and honestly, respect their independence.

6.Accounting and Reporting

All reports on financial transactions Electrolux Group must be formulated

in accordance with accounting standards generally accepted in the relevant accounting policies exposed Electrolux and as required by local laws and regulations. Accounts of the documentary must state the nature of each transaction correctly and not misleading. The Group is committed to providing transparency of financial statements. The group also uses a policy of full, honest accurate disclosure to ensure that the market receives timely, comprehensive and understandable on the basis of complete impartiality.

This translation is unofficial and is only provided as a reference. In case of discrepancy

Translation is subject to the English version.

Electrolux Group Code of Ethics December 25, 1994 year.


7.Conflict of interest

Allowing the group to operate in a fair and open, it is important that all employees avoid

any situation or interest that might interfere with their judgment concerning their responsibilities in relation to the group, other employees, customers, suppliers and other partners.

There may be a conflict of interest, for example, when an employee or a member of his family;


(A) has a financial interest that could affect the judgment of the employee;

(B) draw personal gain through access to confidential information; or

(C) misuse of his position in the group in a way that results in personal benefits. It can also be a conflict of interest when an employee or a family member has a personal interest, direct or indirect, in any supplier or customer of the Group.

If you think you have a potential conflict of interest, direct or indirect, must inform the reporting of management. Where appropriate, management should consider this issue in consultation with function

*Group Legal Affairs

7.Political engagement

Electrolux Group observes neutrality in respect of political parties and candidates. Neither the Electrolux name, nor any resources controlled by any Group company, will be used to promote the interests of political parties and candidates.

8.Environmental protection

Electrolux Group strives to ensure that its products, its services and its

production contribute to sustainable development. Product design is to

result in a reduction of negative environmental impacts throughout their useful lifecycle, and continually monitor the consumption of resources and energy, waste and pollution, is aimed at introducing improvements. The group adopted a proactive stance regarding environmental legislation, and encourages its suppliers to adopt the same environmental principles pursued by Electrolux.


9.The practice in the workplace

All Electrolux Group activities must be conducted with respect for human rights,

health and safety, and welfare of the local communities in which it operates.

Any employee or group of units tolerate child labor or forced; discrimination

common cultural, ethnic or sexual orientation; or physical abuse, psychological, sexual or verbal. Salaries should be equal to or higher than the level required by applicable law, and all employees are free to exercise their right to form or join trade unions or other organizations for collective bargaining, and to refrain from joining organizations.


10.Responsibility of managers and employees

Electrolux Group managers have a responsibility to communicate the letter and intent of this

Code of ethics within their organizations, and to encourage employees to make

Note behavior that may be in conflict with its principles.

Reports of violations of this Code of Ethics may be submitted anonymously and

confidentially to the chairman of the Audit Committee of Electrolux. These reports will cause retaliation or other negative consequences for persons who acted in good faith.

Failure to comply with the provisions of this Code of Ethics may result in disciplinary measures.

Code of Ethics adopted by the Board of Directors of Electrolux and may be amended

or suspended only by the board. Edit or suspensions (to the extent that they relate to This translation is unofficial and is only provided as a reference. In case of discrepancy

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11.Electrolux Group Code of Ethics on 25 December 1994 year.

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