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Fans mobile extractors.


Handy, robust and efficient, the SOVELOR series V are mobile vent groups can be used either for suction or discharge. 
Simple to use, they allow to break all kinds of premises (underground, tunnels, tents, industrial or commercial premises, construction sites, workshops, offices ...) or to extract stale air (odors, dust, smoke, heat, humidity ...) except flammable vapors, corrosive or detonating.





Compact and manoeuvrable, extractors V fans are easily transported from one place to another. 
Portable (V300) or mobile on wheels (V600, V603 and V650) if they use both inside and outside not demanding that power to kick in. 
Depending on the chosen positioning, the V series operate either by extraction or by blower.



Delivering high air flow rates, V can be used in direct blow to ventilate an area, a workstation or a machine ... but also indirect blow with connection to one or more flexible sheaths suction or blowing (V300 ø 300 mm - V600, V603 and V650. ø 600 mm) 
They are suitable for ventilation or extraction of hot air, polluted or dusty, in the capitals, yards, workshops, garages, underground, industrial, commercial or agricultural ...



According to current standards, the V are equipped with all components required for their safe use: robust steel body with handles, grilles on the suction and discharge, the gates of the independent motor carrier to avoid vibrations distort rotation on impact ... the V600, V603 and V650 are increasingly equipped with a motor circuit breaker control with recessed housing.




    • flexible air duct diameter 300 mm length 5 million for V300 *
    • flexible air duct diameter 300 mm length 12M for V300 *
    • flexible air duct diameter 600 mm length 12M for V600, V603 and V650 or *
    • Mounting clamp Duct diameter 600 mm (V603 V600et)

* 2 ducts can be connected directly with each other without connection or sleeve




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