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mobile radiant heating direct combustion fuel.


Pioneer of mobile oil heating by infrared radiation, the VAL 6 is used worldwide for over 40 years to heat workstations, machines or outdoor materials in large buildings or premises open to the outside ... This exceptional longevity is due to an ef ciency, high manufacturing quality and a proven reliability. 
Powerful, the VAL 6 heats without noise or air movement up to more surfaces 20 M 2.



infrared radiation

The infrared rays produced by the VAL 6 propagate without loss of energy in the air and directly heat objects and people. This process does not require ventilation, there is no movement of dust and the noise level is very low. The radiation is insensitive to ambient temperature, wind or drafts, as well as building dimensions in which the appliance is located. Thanks to this technology, the VA L6 offers identical efficiency inside and outside. This is the perfect appliance to heat positions or work areas in large buildings, outdoors or in places deemed inchauffables.



Thanks to its efficient radiation, the VAL 6 concentrates the heat on one area without loss energy into the air around. It thus allows heat comfortably and inexpensively workstations in very large volumes or in open or poorly insulated buildings.



VAL 6 is equipped with a fuel burner with automatic ignition can be controlled by a room thermostat, a clock or a timer (options). Its high power reverberating combustion chamber allows rapid temperature rise and diffuse radiation produced over a large area.



VAL 6 has a very high build quality gives it great reliability and long service life: sturdy tubular chassis, tanks and metal burner hood, chrome parabola, stainless broadcast schedule ... 
It is designed to work automatically in all security, unattended. Its burner is fitted with a permanent flame control photocell.



Compact, VAL 6 is equipped with a chassis with wheels permitting easily bring heat to the desired location. Its rugged metal fuel tank with gauge gives it more than 10 hours of continuous operation autonomy. The commissioning is fast and simple: just to refuel and connect the plug to a power supply 230 V single phase.





  • Room thermostat
  • Clock
  • Timer ...





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